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We build and launch modern insurance products & brands that scale.

Re-engineering Insurance Fundamentals

Traffk is focused on re-engineering the basic building blocks of insurance, beginning with underwriting. Traffk provides alternative insurance data that boost predictive accuracy in modeling and actuarial development, underwriting, and internal inter-departmental workflows that align actuaries, underwriting, and consumer acquisition activities.


Traffk's data-driven and process focus enables legacy insurance products to live a modern digital life nimbly to compete in a modern technology landscape. Our distribution technology and ecosystem materially increases written premium, profitability, and operational efficiencies across multiple lines of business at an individual, group, or book of business level.


Traffk is an insurance-based manufacturing platform leveraging data science, cloud-based infrastructure, AI, and machine learning.  Traffk offers a full-stack platform that enables the creation, launch, management, and distribution of insurance product offerings that scale.


Traffk’s approach moves insurance product creation into data-driven environments through modern technology stacks, decades of insurance industry domain expertise, and pioneering data science applied to insurance markets. The scalable, nimble platform enables organizations to move forward with integration paths that meet you where your organization is today and can grow with you.


Learn more about how Traffk moves organizations from global risk adjustments to case level predictive modeling to improve prediction of the means, claims, underwriting automation, pricing, and customer acquisition.

F(x) = Domain Expertise + Data Science + Technology + Process Improvement


Traffk offers two solution paths that address the data, process and workflow needs of insurance stakeholders. Traffk's solution portfolio includes access to Traffk's industry-leading alternative insurance datasets, insurance-ready predictive analytics and digital application workflow technology, which enables scalable customization and fast deployment of production grade workflow applications that materially impact an organizations ability to increase written premium and market share.


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Underwriting & Actuarial
Customer Aquisition


Traffk's technology powers the individual, group and block business market segments across the following product lines, enabling the new insurance ecosystem of data-driven and technologically nimble insurance solutions.




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